The new year, 2020 has come with great hopes and may Baba ji bless all his followers with happiness and courage. Baba ji is known to have to conduct numerous satsangs every year, both in India and across international borders. This year’s calendar is all ready and Baba ji has set the following dates to come and shower his divine blessings upon all his devotees. Take a look at the table given below and check which place you belong to and at what date and time you as a follower can visit Baba ji for darshan. Here is the RSSB satasng schedule for 2020:

Jan-2020 3,4,5 Fri, Sat, Sun Mumbai 09:30am
Jan-2020 8,9 Wed, Thus Jamshedpur 09:30am
Jan-2020 11,12 Sat, Sun Hyderabad 09:30am
Feb-2020 1, 2 Sat, Sun Raipur 9:30am
Feb-2020 4, 5 Tue, Wed Biaora(M.P) 9:30am
Feb-2020 8,9 Sat, Sun Indore 9:30am
Feb-2020 12, 13 Wed, Thus Suratgarh 10:00am
Feb-2020 16, 23, 1 March Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 10:00am
Mar-2020 4, 5 Wed, Thus Saharanpur 10:00am
Mar-2020 7, 8 Sat Sun Jammu 10:00am
Mar-2020 13, 14, 15 Fri, Sat, Sun Delhi 09:30am
Mar-2020 17, 18 Tues, Wed Mumbai 09:30am
Mar-2020 22, 29, 5 April Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 09:00am
April-2020 11, 12 Sat, Sun Paror 10:00am
May-2020 9, 10 Sat, Sun Solan 10:00am
May-2020 17, 24, 23 Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 08:30am
Jun-2020 28, 5 July Sun, Sun Beas 08:30am
Aug-2020 29, 30 Sat, Sun Bengaluru 09:30am
Sep-2020 6, 13, 20 Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 08:30am
Sep-2020 25, 26, 27 Fri, Sat, Sun Delhi 09:30am
Oct-2020 3, 4 Sat, Sun Nagpur 09:30am
Oct-2020 6, 7 Tues, Wed Lucknow 10:00am
Oct-2020 10, 11 Sat, Sun Rudarapur 10:00am
Oct-2020 31, 1 Nov Sat, Sun Sikanderpur 10:00am
Nov-2020 8, 15, 22 Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 09:30am
Nov-2020 27, 28, 29 Fri, Sat, Sun Delhi 09:30am
Dec-2020 6, 13, 20 Sun, Sun, Sun Beas 10:00am
Dec-2020 26, 27 Sat, Sun Jaipur 10:00am
Dec-2020 29, 30 Tue, Wed Ahemdabad 10:00am

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