Maharaj Charan Singh Ji

Charan Singh Radha Soami – Key Details

Birth (Birthday)

12th December 1916 at Sikanderpur, Sirsa, Punjab


1st June 1990 at Beas, Punjab

Seva at Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera

1951 – 1990

Books by Maharaj Ji

Heaven on Earth, The Master Answers, Die to Live, Spiritual Discourses, Quest for Light, Treasure beyond Measure

Charan Singh ji was the 5th Guru of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas dera. He was appointed the next spiritual head of the Beas dera by Jagat Singh Ji and had served at the Radha Soami Beas dera for forty years. Charan Singh’s grandfather, Sawan Singh Ji was also the spiritual head of the Radha Soami Beas dera. Charan Singh Ji was a preacher of spiritual philosophy such as teaching people the meaning of right living, importance of meditation and realization of God.

Maharaj Charan Singh Ji Family   

Charan Singh Ji was born in Moga, Punjab to Harbans Singh Grewal who was the youngest son of Baba Sawn Singh Ji. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji had six siblings – two brothers and four sisters. His wife Harjeet Kaur ji belonged to a Royal Satsangi family in Pisawa, U.P. They had three children; daughter Nirmaljeet Kaur and two sons, Ranbir and Jasbir Grewal.

Maharaj Charan Singh chose his nephew, Gurinder Singh Ji to be his successor and not any of his sons. He himself served the Beas sangat for almost 4 decades and when Maharaj Ji realized that his body is unfit for any further seva, he departed from this world at the age of 73. Before leaving this world, Maharaj Ji also called his mother to take her blessings for one last time and then dictated his will.

Maharaj Charan Singh Ji Satsang Teachings

Any Radha Soami Satsang is always about these prominent teachings – following a lacto – vegetarian diet, leading a pure and moral life while carrying out one’ s duties with a selfless heart, not consuming alcohol or any kind of mind – altering drugs and practicing meditation for two and a half hours daily.

Charan Singh Ji Maharaj used to preach these very teachings in his satsang. Let us discuss these in an elaborate form:

  • Charan Singh Ji preached to all the Radha Soami followers that just showing interest in Sant Mat is not important but having a conviction of living the Sant Mat way of life is what stands important.
  • Maharaj Ji also taught his sangat that following a lacto – vegetarian diet is very important if one has to follow the Sant Mat way of life. He also preached that by killing someone and eating them up, it would be virtually impossible for us humans to survive in this world.
  • Charan Singh Maharaj Ji’s satsang also included teachings such as animals should not be killed to make stuff using their leather. Doing so does not count in Sant Mat way of living. He preached that killing animals for fun or fulfilling some desires is not what makes us closer to God because in a way we are killing God’s creatures which would just be unacceptable to God Himself.
  • Charan Singh Ji preached his thoughts through his books also. In his book, Spiritual Discourses, Maharaj Ji has written that one should give up using any kinds of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, other drugs that worsen the way of living.
  • Charan Singh Ji also emphasized the power of meditation or simran. He was of the view that one should devote two and a half hours at the minimum to practice meditation. Doing this practice (simran) on a daily basis will one day make you realize that simran should never be skipped as it is that one peaceful way of achieving God.   

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