Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj

Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj – Radha Soami

Known As Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
Birth 27th July 1858
Birth Place Mahmansinghwala, District Ludhiana, Punjab
Father’s Name Sh. Kabal Singh Grewal
Mother’s Name Jeevni
Wife’s Name Shrimati Kishan Kaur
Education Civil Engineering from Thomson College of Engineering. Roorkee
Died 2nd April 1948
Successor Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh

Baba Sawan Singh Ji became the second satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas(RSSB) after Jaimal Singh ji in 1903. He was also known as “Bade Maharaj” which meant “The Great Saint”. He is one of the great Saints ever being lived in this world who gave the teachings related to Sant Mat. He used to recite Japji Sahib of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Jap Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh Ji by his heart. His desire to learn about spirituality and his will to learn about truth bought him closer to Baba Jaimal Singh Ji who initiated him in 1894.

Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj Life

Baba ji came into this world on 27th July 1858 at Mahmansinghwala, District Ludhiana, Punjab. His father name was Kabal Singh Grewal who used to serve in the army. His mother name was Jeevni.Babaji studied at Thomson College of Engineering , Roorkee and joined army after completion of his course in Military Engineering Services. Sawan Singh Ji got married to Kishan Kaur and they had 3 children.

Kabal Singh the father of Babaji used to be in the company of saints from his early days. Therefore Babaji had opportunity to meet those holy men along with his father upto year 1870. thus it became his passion to meet these holy saints and from the year 1870-1878 he met numerous holy men.

When Huzur ji cleared his matriculation exams in 1878, he joined at some job but was called back by his parents as he fell sick there. After that he spent two years at his home where he met a great saint Bhoop Singh Ji who was expert in Vedanta and Yog.  He learnt a lot of things from him and thus his desire to leave worldly luxuries and become a sadhu became inevitable.

Babaji was the only son of his father so he chose to serve them as if he would renounce at that time, this will not serve good to his family. Upto the year 1883, he adhered to his duties with his father. After that on insistence from his father he entered military services as his father had approached to his commanding officer. When his graduation was completed in engineering, he got commissioned in the army and was offered a job in civil civil engineering which he accepted and got posted as overseer in Nowshera

Hazur Sawan Singh was married in a younger age but his first wife died before a ceremony known as gama. After than he completed 25 years in brahmacharya and was married of to Shrimati Kishan Kaur with whom he had three children.

Babaji was a very knowledgeable person as he had read the scriptures of various religions because he knew hindi, english, persian and urdu. During his time with army in Nowshera he used to listen to the satsangs of Baba Karam Singh who was from Mardan. Once when he visited Peshawar he got close to Baba Kahan and spent lot of time with him. Babaji once asked Kahan ji to enlighten him and initiate him, but was refused by the holy soul. He mentioned to Hazur ji that he was not the right person to do so but some other person will give it to you.

Initiation of Hazur Ji Maharaj and Foundation of Beas Satsang Hall

The tale starts in the month of August when Baba Jaimal Singh Ji and one of his disciple were walking along at Kohmarie Road. Hazur Ji was posted as sub divisional officer there and was in charge of the inspection of the work going on there. When Baba Jaimal singh passed by him, he pointed to his disciple and said that he had come here for that person. The disciple was shocked as Hazur ji did not paid any heed to Babaji. But then he explained to his companion that this person is not an ordinary person and his existence in this world is for a purpose and also told him that he would come to meet Babaji after 4 days. As said by Babaji, Hazur came to meet him after four days with Mr Sukh Dayal. After the satsang for days, Hazur ji took the initiation from Baba Jaimal Singh Ji and spent almost two months with him. After Babaji left the place, Huzur ji spent most of his time meditating. During this time his love for Babaji increased, and he often started visiting Babaji for his blessings.

In the year of 1902, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji laid the foundation of big satsang hall in Beas. When the construction of building got completed, he addressed an enlightened lady Bibi Rukko that he will not hold satsang in this hall. After some moments of crying Bibiji asked Jaimal singh ji that who will hold the satsang here. Babaji asked her to go inside the room and there she saw Hazur Sawan Singh Ji sitting quietly and meditating. Thus the first satsang was held by Sawan Singh Ji.

Baba Jaimal Singh left for his heavenly journey on 29 Dec 1903 and gave the responsibility of the spiritual work on the shoulders of Hazur Ji. After taking retirement from his job in 1911 Baba sawan Singh started discourses in the Satsang Hall and carried on the spiritual work during all his life. He bestowed every person who came to him without caring about the religion of the person.

Babaji used to preach Surat Shabd Yoga at Radha Soami Colony,Beas which was later renamed to Dera Baba Jaimal Singh. He built shrines, bungalows and provided various other amenities at the Dera. He also sheltered the people who were hit by communal violence during partition of India in the year 1947. His followers were from all the religion. He used to say that all religions had one same message that is “God is One”.More than lakhs of people listened to him and joined his faith. He teached Sant Mat not only in India but also in other parts of the world including United States of America.

Teachings of Baba Sawan Singh Ji

The teachings of Babaji  were related to The Guru , The Purpose of Human Life, A Wasted Life, Sincere Effort, A Hard Struggle, Opening the Inner Gate, Self-Control, Chastity, Meditation.

Some of the teaching or quotes of Hazur sawan singh Ji are described below:

  • A faithful devotee is taken care of by the Master as a child is taken care of by its mother.
  • No initiated soul should have any doubt about Master’s merciful and constant care for his spiritual welfare.
  • This life is for working out that fate.  If in this life we give ourselves to devotion, we will not come again, but we will go back to our home.  This life is for the purpose of ending our coming back into this world.
  • You know from experience that the path is not an easy one.  It is death in life – a living death.

The Last Time of Bade Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji

The continuous work to reform the humanity and enlighten the souls made Babaji weak during the course of time. He was advised for rest by his devotees but he was not paying any attention to them so that he could continue his spiritual work. After lots of request he came for medical attention in Amritsar after forming a committee at Dera for the management of the place.

On his last days during February 1948 he asked Kirpal Singh Ji, how many souls he had enlightened during his lifetime. After counting registers he was told that he had provided naam to more than 1,50,000 followers. After that he asked Kirpal Singh Ji that he had completed half of his work and rest work would be done by him. Therefore Kirpal Singh ji became successor of Baba Sawan Singh Ji.

On the fateful morning of 2nd April 1948, Hazur ji left this world. After him Kirpal Singh Ji was assigned the tasks which he had left and became 3rd Satguru of Dera Beas.

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